sounds for daydreaming

I share the postrock, instrumental, neoclassical, ambient, electronic, and occasionally shoegazy tunes that I love.
Silje Nes

—Ames Room

"Ames Room"- Silje Nes

Polmo Polpo

—Dreaming (...Again)

Cloud tops

Cloud tops


—calvin & hobbes

"Calvin & Hobbes"- johnny_ripper



"Elle"- Mindthings

elvis depressedly

—pepsi/coke suicide



elvis depressedly :: pepsi/coke suicide

Here’s another song from the upcoming elvis depressedly EP, holo pleasures.  Pre-order for the vinyl via birdtapes is coming in mid april, and the album will drop on bandcamp that day too.

Really stoked for you guys to hear this, it was written and recorded with my live band and they are amazing, rad people.

im in the shower

happy spring and welcome new followers! I promise to update more often, but until I do, check out my radio show at WRAS for post-rock, ambient, shoe gaze, and other sounds for daydreaming.